Sumantha dismisses rumors of second marriage


Recently, there were reports that Akkineni Hero Sumanth is getting ready for a second marriage with a girl named Pavithra this August in an arranged wedding. A photo of the wedding invite inscribed with the letters ‘SP’ along with some goodies went viral on social media. However, Sumantha took to Twitter to quash the rumours.

Sumanth in a video clarified that the wedding card belonged to his upcoming film and the wedding card got “leaked”.

In the video, Sumanth said, "Hello everyone. There are rumours that I’m getting married again. I want to give clarity to all of you on this. In real life, I’m not getting married. My next film ia about remarriage and divorce. This is the first time in Telugu with such a premise. During the filming of the movie, a wedding card in my name has come out. That led to the above misunderstandings." He also promised that the film's title and first-look poster will be out soon.