Six Migrant workers charred to death in Guntur Prawn hatchery

In a tragic incident, six migrant workers were found charred to death today morning under mysterious circumstances in in Lankavani Dibba village of Guntur district. Police identified the dead as Ram Murthy, Kiran, Manoj, Panda, Naveen and Mahendra.

According to the sources, the deceased were working as security guards at an prawn hatchery in Lankevani Dibba, Repalle Mandal, Guntur. It is said that six persons were charred to death after an electric short circuit but the electricity department officials denied any incident of short circuit.

“Our Clues team is on the spot, collecting forensic evidence. Some bleaching powder and other residues were also found there. We are investigating the case from various angles,” Guntur district Superintendent of Police Vishal Gunni told.

“We are talking to the staff of electricity and other departments to ascertain the cause of the incident,” he added.

Police reached the spot and collecting the clues for evidence. The owner and manager of the hatchery have been detained for questioning, the SP said.