Singer Harini’s father AK Rao found dead in Bangalore


Popular playback singer Harini's father AK Rao found dead under mysterious circumstances.  Police found AK Rao's body on Bangalore railway track. The phones of AK Rao's family members are not working and Harini's relatives have been missing for a week, according to police.

After retiring from a central government position, AK Rao became the CEO of the Sujana Foundation. Harini is well-known in the Telugu and Kannada film industries as a singer. Those who worked there said Ak Rao hadn't been to Sujana Foundation in a week.

AK Rao has conducted several social events under the auspices of Sujana Foundation. Ak Rao recently lodged a complaint against Businessman with the police in Bangalore on financial matters. But it was only after this complaint that he died in a suspicious condition.

Police are investigating whether AK Rao accidentally fell from the train and died or if someone killed him and dumped him on the railway track.