Satyadev-Nitya Menen Skylab poster is here


Young and Talented actor Satyadev Kancharana, who is awaiting for the release of his upcoming film Timmarasu, is sharing screen with Nitya Menen in concept-based period movie Skylab.  Reportedly, the movie story is set in the year 1979, with its main backdrop being Skylab, the first United States space station that was launched by NASA in 1970s.

Rahul Ramakrishna is playing another important role and the first look poster of Skylab has been released today. The first look has the three main actors sitting on the falling satellite. The team says the film offers a roller coaster ride of fun and emotions.

Skylab is being helmed by Vishvak Khanderao  and he has also written the screenplay and dialogues. Aditya Javvadi is handling the cinematography, Raviteja Girijala is taking care of editing, Prashant R Vihari is scoring the music and Nagarjuna Thallapalli and Dhanush Nayanar are handling the sound design department.