Rhea Chakraborty expresses concern for women in Afghanistan


Actress Rhea Chakraborty on Monday took to her Instagram story and shared a worrisome note for the citizens of Afghanistan, especially women and minorities during the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan. Rhea urged the global leaders to stand up for the humanitarian crisis.

"While women around the globe fight for pay parity, women in Afghanistan being sold…They have become the pay. Heartbroken to see the condition of women and minorities in Afghanistan," Rhea wrote.

"Smash the patriarchy…women are human too," she added.

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, in a series of tweets, expressed his anger at the state of affairs in Afghanistan. One of his tweets read: “Special prayer for the people of Afghanistan. A nation wrecked and destroyed by colonial ambitions of foreign powers. #Afganistan.”