Actress Kasturi raises doubts over Rajinikanth’s USA trip


Kollywood Superstar Rajinikanth left to USA along with his aughter Soundarya a few days ago. It is said that he is visiting USA for his regular medical checkup. A few snaps of him leaving Mayo clinic in the United States went viral on social media.

Now, senior Tamil actress Kasturi Shankar raised a few doubts over Rajnikanth’s USA trip.

“ US has banned direct travel from India for all Indian citizens from May onwards . No medical exceptions have been granted. How and why did @rajinikanth travel during this time? His sudden backing out of politics, now this… things are not adding up. Rajini Sir pl clarify,” she tweeted.

“ And fans, please don’t say things like ‘Rules don’t apply for Rajinikanth’. That is a terrible thing to say. If anything, Such massive icons should very careful to come across as a law abiding citizen,” she added.

As one would expect, Rajini’s fans targeted Kasturi for her comments.