Vidyullekha gets questions about Divorce for Bikini Pictures


Actress Vidyullekha Raman, who starred in movies like ‘Run Raja Run’, ‘Raju Gaari Gadhi’, ‘Inttelligent’ and ‘Sarrainodu’ tied a knot with her fiancé Sanjay, a fitness expert, in an intimate wedding ceremony on September 9. Currently, Vidyullekha is enjoying her honeymoon in Maldives. She recently shared a picture of her in a bikini while enjoying the waves of the Maldives beach.

Now, Vidyullekha Raman has expressed her anguish over the regressive comments after sharing her Bikini photos. The actress said, “Hi friends, Been getting messages like, ‘When is my divorce?’ etc. Just because I am wearing a swimsuit? Wow. Get out of 1920 aunties and uncles. Come to 2021! What is problematic is not the negative comments, but the way we’re thinking as a society. If a woman’s clothing is the reason for her divorce, then shouldn’t everyone ‘properly dressed’ be in happy marriages? I am extremely fortunate to have a secure husband like @lowcarb.India who shares different moral beliefs with me. He told me to ignore and not to address this. But I simply cannot brush this off.”

She added, “I cannot change your toxic, narrow mind or extremely regressive outlook to life. I just hope the women in your life stand up for the sexist, oppressive and downright insulting way in which you look at a woman and her individuality. #LiveAndLetLive.”