Telangana Minister calls Late YSR a Demon


The governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are at odds over the use of Krishna River water. Earlier last week, TRS politician Vemula Prashanth Reddy disparaged the people of Andhra Pradesh and the late YSR. Telangana Tourism and Sports Minister Srinivas Goud is the next to speak and he made sensational comments on late YSR.

“YSR is a demon in the form of the human body (Nararoopa Rakshasudu). We thought his son will be better than the father and tried to have good relations with Jagan. But he is worse than his father. He is trying to rob Telangana waters four times more than his father,” the Tourism and Sports Minister alleged.

“Why do you feel if we call YSR a robber and thief? Anyone who robs our water is obviously a thief. YSR did nothing for Telangana,” Srinivas Goud added.

YSR Congress tried to play safe over Prashanth Reddy’s comments but it looks like TRS is keen on flaring up the issue. It has to be seen how YSR Congress responds now.