Satyadev bags a meaty role in Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu


Young and Talented actor Satyadev, who is awaiting for the release of his upcoming suspence thriller Thimmarasu, will be soon seen in a Bollywood biggie opposite Akshay Kumar. As per reports, Satyadev bags a meaty role in Ram Setu, in which Akshay is playing the role of an archeologist.

"It came out of nowhere. I had not even put my profile up there, and it landed in my lap. It's a very good role. Few things happen and we don't even realise that it's happening and that is how my Bollywood debut happened. I would say this is the best Bollywood debut in terms of where I am placed. I see this as the best opportunity to explore Hindi cinema," Satyadev told to an entertainment channel.

The actor adds: "It was always part of the plan. I really wanted to explore Hindi cinema and, in fact, all languages. That is how I look at things and Hindi was definitely on my plate. To be honest, I personally feel that things happen to you because you have a thought somewhere lingering around to get them. My predominant thought was always exploring bigger markets, different films in Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada. Hindi was always there in my mind."

SatyaDev also has ‘Godse’ and ‘Gurthunda Seetakalam’ in which Tamannaah is playing female lead.