Sarathkumar and Radhika get one-year jail term


In connection with a 2018 cheque bounce event, actor couple Sarathkumar and Radhika were sentenced to one year in prison. The special court also imposed a penalty of Rs 5 Crores to the popular couple.

Radiance Media Private Ltd has filed a complaint alleging that Magic Frames, a film financing firm in which Sarathkumar, Radhika, and Listin Stephen are partners, borrowed Rs 1.50 crore and given two cheques. Sarath subsequently received a Rs 50 lakh hand loan from Radiance Media. He had issued five cheques for Rs 10 lakh each. All of the checks bounced as they were submitted for payment. 

The case was heard by Judge N Alicia on Wednesday, who documented the arguments made by the attorneys and sentenced the actor couple to one year in jail. The court also granted Sarathkumar's appeal for a stay of execution, claiming that the matter will be resolved.