RGV targets Pawan again over viral bed pic


Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV, who never misses an opportunity to target the Mega heroes, has once again targeted Pawan Kalyan commenting on his latest pic that went viral on social media, which shows Pawan Kalyan lying on the bed.

RGV posted this photo on his Twitter account and wrote “Hey PK fans, kill the virus. Even an invisible vile worm has put Pawan Kalyan to such a miserable state that the object of the real hero does not exist in this world? “Tell yourself your honor,” he tweeted sarcastically.

"Hey P K fans  , chaala mandhi vere herola dagulbajee fanNaa Kodukulu @Pawankalyan ilaa manchana padataaniki kaaranam covid kaadhu, vakeel saab collections antunnaru ..Randi,kadalandi, Praanalaki theginchi P K jebulni nimpandi Folded handsFolded handsFolded hands" Verma posted a more provocative message.

In another tweet, the director called the viral picture a setting and asked Rajamouli to ask his art director ⁦Sabu Cyril to tell what's wrong with the picture.

"There's something wrong in the art direction of this setting. Hey Rajamouli sir can u please ask ur art director Sabu Cyril to tell. Please please please," wrote RGV.