Rashmika Mandanna appeals to everyone to not lose hope


Ravishing Beauty Rashmika Mandanna launched an initiative called Spreading Hope, to highlight stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work amidst the pandemic which has given her hope and put a smile on her face. The actress posted an Instagram video and wrote, “#SpreadingHope”

"Hey guys, I hope you are keeping safe in these crazy and unpredictable times. COVID-19 has been challenging us in ways we could never imagine and we weren't prepared for something like this. The sudden changes in our daily lives, coupled with anxiety and uncertainty, has been overwhelming to a lot of you and have been extremely overwhelming to me personally as well. It took me a while to digest the fact that this was happening all over again." she says in the video.

"But times like these, what I have realized is, it's better to stay positive and with a positive mind. We are a step closer to winning this war. I was thinking that, for the next couple of weeks, I wanted to highlight a few stories of our ordinary heroes doing extraordinary stuff which has given me hope and has put a smile on my face. It made me realize that when we are fighting against something like this, there's absolutely no barrier of language or where they are from, which is amazing. It makes me extremely proud. I'm doing this to bring a smile on your face and give a little hope and thank these heroes personally. Lots of love to you. Lots of strength to you. We will get through this. Be well, be safe." she added.