Pushpa : The Rise Review


Story : Pushpa(Allu Arjun) is a daily wager who smuggles red sandalwood in the Seshachalam forests. His dream is to make it big in the smuggling world and in the process, he  joins hands with Konda Reddy, Jali Reddy and Jakka Reddy. With time, he becomes the undisputed king of red sandalwood smuggling. But Pushpa has a strong opposition in the form of forest officer Shikawat(Fahadh Faasil). How did Pushpa rise to fame and how he takes on Shikawat is the basic story of Pushpa. What role does his love interest Srivalli (Rashmika Mandanna) play in this?


Allu Arjun anchors the show throughout and he is undoubtedly the pillar and major highlight of the film.  He shoulders the film with his body language, dialogue delivery, and demeanor. He will be appreciated by one and all for his performance. Rashmika plays a de glam role and she is amazing in the film. Sunil turns villain for this film and his role doesn’t reach the expectations and there isn’t much for Anasuya in the first part. The comedy scenes between Allu Arjun and his assistant work well in the first half. Fahadh Faasil makes a late entry in the film and does well in the climax. Ajay Ghosh is very good in his negative role.

Technical Analysis 

Coming to the director Sukumar, he has done a passable job with the film. Sukku's decision to release the film in two parts is a big letdown. Music by DSP is top notch as all the songs are superb and even shot well. Cinematography and production values stand out in this film. Miroslaw Kuba Brozek’s camerawork is excellent.  Lyrics by Chandra Bose are amazing. The fights designed in the second half are impressive. Allu Arjun has been styled superbly in various phases of the film.


Allu Arjun’s terrific performance


Sluggish narration
Lack of strong villain(s)
Background score

Verdict : Pushpa: The Rise is a formula-based gangster drama with predictable scenes and flow. The only thing that makes it worth watching is Allu Arjun's outstanding performance.

Rating : 3/5