Priyamani’s marriage with Mustafa Raj lands in trouble


National award winning actress Priyamani got married to businessman Mustafa Raj in 2017, and now their marriage appears to be in trouble. Mustafa Raj's first wife, Ayesha, has filed a criminal complaint against the couple, claiming that he is not legally separated from her and that his marriage to Priyamani is therefore illegal.

Ayesha said, “Mustafa is still married to me. Mustafa and Priyamani’s marriage is invalid. We have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor.”

Ayesha and Mustafa Raj have two kids. The cases in question are in Magistrate Courts.  Ayesha said, “Mustafa is still married to me. His marriage with Priyamani is invalid.” Not only this, Ayesha has also filed a case of domestic violence against Mustafa Raj.

Priyamani played Manoj Bajpayee’s on-screen wife in ‘The Family Man’ in which Samantha played Raji, a former Sri Lankan Tamil rebel living in Chennai. She played Venkatesh's wife in Narappa Helmed by Srikanth Addala, it was released on 20th July on Amazon Prime and received positive response from the movie lovers and the critics.