Payal Ghosh injures her hand in suspected acid attack


Actress Payal Ghosh was recently attacked by a masked man on her way home in Mumbai's Andheri district. The actress had gone to buy some medications. She was about to get into her car when someone wearing a full-face mask attempted to attack her and steal her belongings.

In a video, Payal had claimed that when she was getting into her car, some men attacked her with a rod and that they had a bottle in their hand which she suspected was acid.

“I was about to sit on my driving seat and few men came and tried to attack me with acid in their hands. Well, I know I screamed for help and that’s the reason they ran away. They did hit me with a rod on my head but luckily no injuries on the head, and hand I have got injuries as they hit me on my hands also. I couldn’t see their face. Me and my brother will go and do FIR on this matter" Payal said.

Payal Ghosh who grabbed the headlines when she accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual assault in september last year.