Gang of six held for smuggling Ambergris in Thoothukudi


A gang of Six were arrested by TamilNadu police and forest department for smuggling two kgs of ambergris, commonly known as whale vomit, near Thiruchendur town in Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi.

The police set up a check point and conducted a vehicle search near the Thiruchendur taluka office after receiving a tip. They stopped a suspicious car. Following the search, it was discovered that they had sneaked a wax-like material inside the vehicle, which experts identified as ambergris, which is formed inside the stomach of sperm whales, which hunt and eat giant and colossal squids. The haul was valued at Rs 2 crore.

The accused have been identified as Elangovan, Venkatesh, John Britto, Raja Mohammad, Mohammad Aslam and Ramkumar. They have been booked under the Wildlife Protection Act.