Eight killed in fire at Mumbai Sunrise Hospital over 70 evacuated


A major fire at Sunrise Hospital in Mumbai's Bhandup, which housed a Covid-19 hospital on the third floor, killed at least Ten people on Thursday night. At the time of the outbreak, more than 76 coronavirus patients were being treated in the hospital.

The fire, which was classified as ‘Level 4’, broke out on the first floor of Dreams Mall, a three-storey building, at around 12.30 am. Sunrise Hospital is located on the third floor. 23 fire engines were rushed to the spot last night after receiving information about fire mishap. As soon as the fire broke out, all the patients were shifted to various hospitals.  The fire department continued its efforts to cool the flames till Friday morning. Officials have not yet revealed the cause of the fire.

In a statement, Sunrise Hospital said: “There was a fire on the first floor of Dreams Mall, Bhandup, and the smoke reached up to the Sunrise Hospital located at the top floor. All fire alarms beeped and hence all patients were safely evacuated due to the smoke to the fire refuge area. There were two dead bodies (due to Covid), which were also evacuated. There was no casualty due to fire. (sic)”