Director Shiva Nirvana thanks Trolls for Tuck Jagadish


Director Shiva Nirvana, who tasted success with his previous films ‘Ninnu Kori’ and ‘Majili’, has been incessantly trolled on social media for his recent release Tuck Jagadish. Starring Nani and Ritu Varma, Tuck Jagadish premiered recently on Amazon Prime skipping the theatrical window and the film received mixed reviews from critics.  

Social media folks are mercilessly trolling Nani heavily and director Shiva. Reacting to these trolls, Shiva Nirvana posted on Twitter that he will accept all reactions – good or bad, positive or negative.

"People talks. spreads negitivity positivity love hate every thing .you have to take it with smile with courage with honesty and iam ready Thanks to everyone?? #Tuckjagadish?" posted Shiva Nirvana.