Chiranjeevi miffed with MAA president VK Naresh


Megastar Chiranjeevi, who is currently preparing for Lucifer remake tentatively titled GodFather, seems to be quite miffed with MAA president Naresh and a few other members who have engaged in allegations and counter-accusations against one another, tarnishing Tollywood's reputation.

Chiranjeevi appears to have made the decision to put an end to the ugly brawls. As a result, he has written a letter to the chairman of the MAA's disciplinary committee, Krishnam Raju. Chiranjeevi demanded in his letter that Krishnam Raju take serious action against those undisciplined MAA members who had resorted to tarnishing the MAA's image.

Furthermore, Chiranjeevi demanded that the elections be held as soon as possible in order to avoid any unrest among the members. Besides, Chiranjeevi believes that the delay in elections will result in a delay in implementing welfare schemes for MAA members.

Krishnam Raju and Chiranjeevi are honorary presidents of MAA, and the former also heads the committee of privileges and disciplinary.