Captain Vijayakanth heads to Dubai for medical check-up


Kollywood Senior actor and DMDK party president Vijayakanth on Monday left for Dubai for  medical examination. Vijaykanth was accompanied by his youngest son Shanmuga Pandian and his assistants Kumar and Somu to Dubai.

According to sources, Vijayakanth will be travelling to USA via Dubai in the Emirates airlines. Last time, he was admitted to a Chennai hospital following breathlessness in the early hours of the morning on May 19, 2021. Since then, he was making no public appearances.

Last week, Vijayakanth issued a statement where he urged his fans not to gather at his residence to celebrate his birthday. He said he has been celebrating his birthday as "Poverty Eradication Day" for long and urged his supporters to distribute welfare assistance to mark his birthday.

Captain Vijayakanth, the chairman and general secretary of DMDK, first fell unwell in 2014 during the parliamentary general election. Then he travelled to the USA and Singapore for medical treatment. And now, the Chinna Gounder actor popular actor has jetted to Dubai.