Bengali TV actor Rupa Bhattacharya quits BJP


Actor-turned-politician Rupa Bhattacharya quit the BJP on Thursday. Rupa took to Twitter to announce that she was quitting politics and not joining any other party. Soon after leaving the party, she attacked senior leaders of the Bengal BJP, including the party's state president, Dilip Ghosh in a series of Facebook posts.

"BJP general secretary, Sayantan Basu, slammed me. I asked the reason but did not get one. I resign from the membership. Now Dilip Ghosh says he does not know me and does not know when I joined. So, it is bad homework on his part that one individual has been campaigning and working for the BJP without the knowledge of the party president," said Rupa Bhattacharjee.

Speaking to Media, Rupa Bhattacharjee, who has been a social activist apart from being an actress, stated that the BJP's defeat in the 2021 West Bengal Assembly polls was not the reason behind her resignation. "It was the humiliation I faced," she said.

"Had it been the election results, I would not have left the BJP in August. I was constantly doing social work during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic," said Rupa Bhattacharjee.

She also claimed that her comment on the CBI's arrest of two sitting TMC ministers at the height of the Covid-19 second wave caused her humiliation in the party. Earlier, she had said that the arrests could have been delayed.