Actress Mallika Dua’s mother Chinna Dua passed away at 56


Popular comedian Mallika Dua’s mother Dr. Padmavati Dua passed away on Friday due to COVID complications. 56-year-old Padmavati Dua, fondly known as Chinna Dua was a doctor, singer and social media influencer. 

The ‘Hindi Medium’ actress took to her Instagram story to inform her followers about her mother’s demise. Mallika got emotional while penning her thoughts on social media following her mother’s death.  

"She left us last night. My whole heart. My whole life. The only god I know. My Amma I'm sorry I couldn't save you. You fought so hard my mama. My precious. My heart. You're my whole life," Mallika wrote on her Insta story.

Dua wrote. "It's not about my loss and grief. It's about a life cut short. I always knew I didn't deserve her. But she deserved to live. I don't know if I will ever be able to pray again," Dua said in another post.