Useful tips to sleep with a Snorer

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Useful tips to sleep with a Snorer
Monday Apr 09, 2018
Sharing a bed with a spouse who snores is a challenging situation. Though it’s expected from the snorer to try not to snore and take measures, there are things even you can do as well.

Here are some tips to say goodbye to those sleepless nights.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips may help your husband if he has nasal congestion, or if he has a deviated septum. These are flexible, "spring-like" bands that are applied to the outside of the nose. They open nasal passages so that airways remain open during sleep.

The Sleeping position 

Sleeping on a thicker pillow is advisable for people who snore. Suggest that your husband lie on his side with pillows propped up against his back, or attach a tennis ball to the back of his night shirt to make it uncomfortable when he tries to sleep on his back.


If nothing works, put on your earplugs and get some sleep. For some, regular earphones work; if not, you have the option to invest in special earplugs that are designed to combat sound.

White Noise Machines 

For the non-snorer, white noise machines can help mask noises such as snoring. These machines can product soothing noises ranging from thunderstorms to waterfalls to heartbeats or city traffic, or they can simply create a sound similar to a fan or another steady noise that your brain can work with.

Shower before bed

Having a warm bath just before you hit the bed can also help. The steam will help in clearing up the congestion in the nasal passages, which causes the endless snoring. The least you can make the snorer do is to steam their nose with a cup of warm water and salt in it.

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