Tips for Men to get rid of Oily Skin

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Tips for Men to get rid of Oily Skin
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Millions of men across the globe have oily skin on the face and they continue to suffer with it. Oily skin not only affects the appearance, it can lead to acne. 

Here are some tips for men to deal with oily skin.


Men with oily skin need to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

Be gentle

Avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers. These will excessively dry out the skin to the point that it becomes flaky. There are products specially designed for men, which 
help in keeping your skin dry but not too dry.


Many guys with oily skin wont use moisturizers. Regardless of skin type, moisturiser is a must. One can go for oil-free creams available in the market. And it should be noted that moisturiser and oil are two different things.


The key to beautiful smooth skin is exfoliating. Removing the dead skin is the best solution for getting rid of the oily skin. Exfoliation removes top layer of the skin which benefits the skin tremendously.

Keep your pores clean

Oily skin usually leads to clogged pores. It is important to clean your face and remove impurities. But too much face-washing can cause redness which makes your skin produce more oil. It is enough to wash your face twice a day.

Watch Your Diet 

Eating fresh salads and fruits should be on the top of your list. Cool drinks like bael, chaach, lime water and coconut water should be part of your daily intake. Avoid heavy gravy and fried foods, as well as aerated drinks and soda.

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