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Stand-up comedian Manjunath Naidu collapses and dies in Dubai

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Stand-up comedian Manjunath Naidu collapses and dies in Dubai
22 July, 2019
An Indian-origin stand-up comedian died on stage due to cardiac arrest while performing his act in front of a packed audience at an event in Dubai. 

Manjunath Naidu, 36, suffered a cardiac arrest while performing his routine on stage on Friday. He complained of high level of anxiety, sat down on the bench next to him and collapsed onto the floor, with audience thinking that it must be a part of the show. 

Naidu was born in Abu Dhabi but later shifted base to Dubai. "He was the last act in the line-up. He went on stage and was making people laugh with his stories. He was talking about his father and family. And then he got into a story of how he suffers from anxiety. And a minute into the story he collapsed," Miqdaad Dohadwala, his friend and fellow comedian told.

The audience couldn't figure till a very long period that Naidu has indeed died as they thought he was enacting a scene.

"People thought it was part of the act. They took it as a joke as he was talking about anxiety and then collapsed. Everyone rushed to the stage. He stopped breathing in our hands. The paramedics reached within 20 minutes but couldn't revive him. We took him to the hospital but after trying for 20 minutes they said Manju was gone. The man killed his performance and his performance killed him, " Dohadwala added.

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