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Jacqueline Fernandez set to launch YouTube channel

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Jacqueline Fernandez set to launch YouTube channel
22 July, 2019
Srilankan Beauty Jacqueline Fernandez  is one of the most popular social media celebs in Bollywood. The Race 3 actress who crossed 30 million followers on Instagram and 13.9 million followers on Twitter is now ready to connect with her fans via a YouTube channel. 

Talking about her Youtube Channel Jacqueline Fernandez says, "The idea is to create a space and platform for myself to promote positivity. I will also give people an insight into what it's like and what it takes to be a commercial actress in Bollywood. I will share with them whatever I have learnt and am learning along the way.

Jacqueline whose social media is full of beauty tips talking the aspects that she will cover in her youtube channel Jacqueline Fernandez says, "Everything from my life. The day I start, i will blog my travel adventures, cover experts who I meet with in my field, especially fitness and beauty because that plays a pivotal role in my life and the industry i am in. It will help people motivate and inspire people."

She further said that she will also share the blog on everything from the beginning of the day to the beginning of the day.

Recently, Alia Bhatt also debuted on YouTube.

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