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Rahul and Priyanka condemn murder of 2-year-old Aligarh girl

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Rahul and Priyanka condemn murder of 2-year-old Aligarh girl
07 June, 2019
Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his sister and party General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday condemned the brutal killing of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Uttar Pradesh's Aligarh district and demanded strict action against the accused.

"The horrific murder of a little girl in Aligarh, UP has shocked and disturbed me. How can any human being treat a child with such brutality? This terrible crime must not go unpunished. The UP police must act swiftly to bring the killers to justice," Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Condemning the inhumane act, Priyanka Gandhi said in a tweet: "The brutal murder in Aligarh is yet another inhuman, unspeakable crime against an innocent child. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain her parents must feel. What has become of us?"

Many B-town celebs took to Twitter to condemn the heinous crime.

Akshay Kumar tweeted, "Horrified, upset and angry to know about baby #TwinkleSharma! This is definitely not the kind of world we want for our children. We need immediate and strictest punishment for such a heinous crime. #JusticeForTwinkle"

Twinkle Khanna wrote, "It is heartbreaking to hear about the horrific murder of the two and a half year old little girl In Aligarh. I would request @smritiirani to ensure that swift action is taken against the perpetrators of this heinous crime. #JusticeForTwinkle"

"The horrible, barbaric rape,murder of a 3 year old In Aligarh,the criminals,who gouged her eyes, mutilated her body,depraved evil,inhuman &  barbaric. Must Hang. The law must act fast! #justicefortwinkle @smritiirani  #twinklesharma" Raveena Tandon tweeted. 

Expressing his 'disgust' over the incident, Abhishek Bachchan wrote, "Just so disgusted and angered hearing about Twinkle Sharma. How can somebody even think of doing such a thing?!?! Speechless...."

Sending out his prayers to the family, Ayushmann Khurrana tweeted, "This is inhuman and barbaric.. My prayers for her family. Justice must be served! #TwinkleSharma."

According to the Uttar Pradesh Police, the victim was strangled to death and her eyes were gouged out after her parents allegedly failed to repay a loan of Rs 10,000.  The dead body of the girl, who was missing since the last few days, was found in a garbage dump on June 2. Two of the accused have been arrested.

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