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BJP MLA Vikram Saini’s Bomb remark stirs a controversy

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BJP MLA Vikram Saini’s Bomb remark stirs a controversy
05 January, 2019
Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Muzaffarnagar, Vikram Saini, has stoked a fresh controversy by saying that people who feel threatened and unsafe in India should be bombed. Saini also demanded a law for stringent action against those people complaining of feeling “unsafe” in India, calling them traitors to the country. 

“Give me a ministry and I will explode bombs behind those who aren’t loyal to the country. Not even one will be left,” the Muzaffarnagar legislator said on Friday. 

Asked if he was willing to be a human bomb for such traitors, Saini said, “Army has several bombs and I will drop them on these traitors. This is my personal remark and should not be linked to my party.”

However, Saini later defended his remark saying he was merely speaking in his usual language, the one spoken in his village.

“I said that those who feel unsafe in the country, say they aren’t secure here, should either leave the country or the government should make some arrangement for them. Their comments should invite action,” he said.

Reacting to Saini’s comments, UP Congress chief Raj Babbar said that he was “talking like a terrorist”.

“The Chief Minister says ‘thok do’, a legislator aspiring to be a minister says ‘will bomb people’. He should be arrested and punished. He is speaking like a terrorist, must be probed for terror links,” Babbar said.

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