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AP Finance Minister calls Modi ‘Anaconda’; BJP hits back

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AP Finance Minister calls Modi ‘Anaconda’; BJP hits back
05 November, 2018
Andhra Pradesh’s Finance Minister and TDP politburo member Yanamala Rama Krishnudu has made sensational comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  Speraking to media on Sunday, Yanamala said the Prime Minister is an Anaconda who swallowing up institutions like CBI, RBI etc.

“Who can be a bigger anaconda than Narendra Modi?” Krishnudu asked. Further adding on to the matter he accused the prime minister of having “swallowed all institutions” in the country. “He is swallowing up institutions like the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Reserve Bank of India,” Yanamala said.

Ramakrishnudu further asserted that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) will fight dictatorship, hegemony, and pride- three qualities, he claimed, the BJP possesses.

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry is speaking of past politics. Past can’t be present or future. But present and future will become past. The critics of TDP (Telugu Desam Party) should understand this. TDP was not established against any single party. It was founded against the system,” he asserted.

Countering the TDP leader’s attack, Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said a “competition” was underway among opposition parties.

"There is a competition going on in abusing popular and hardworking Prime Minister like Narendra Modi. People are not feeling ashamed of using bad words. However, if we see the history, Prime Minister Modi has always stood strong whenever somebody attacked him. These people, who are abusing him, also know this. They don't have the courage to review the works done by Prime Minister Modi," he told.

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